Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Class Buddy users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

I was wondering if theres any widgets to add tasks, because I really need it and I was expecting something like that.

I wonder if it's possible to change the "start screen" of the app. So you could put something instead of the terms. Like classes today or the schedule!
how could I add a vacation in the middle of the term 

1) It would be nice if it would show your current grade in grades menu, then at the end of the term it would prompt you to enter your official grades for your true cumulative grade. 
2) It would be extremely helpful if you could set the weights of individual categories (eg. Exams, assignment... ect.) 
3) It would also be nice if there was a feature to set the phone on silent or vibrate during class

I like the majority of the app. But not having the ability to create/modify custom assignment types is making the process difficult and cumbersome. Also, usually categories of assignments are weighted and not individual assignments. Because I don't see this feature yet I have to determine the items individual weight and then add it manually for each one. This will create a problem if they decide to add in an assignment affecting the weights of other assignments.

I was wondering if you have considered developing an add-on or extension for Google Chrome. I would really like to access and edit course information on my desktop as well as my phone.

it would be even better if you could change it to the Holo theme.

I was wondering if you would be able to make auto back up to Google drive for this app. 
a calender widget with this app would also be useful too
I cannot get the app to sort my classes by meeting time

Since most students have to work, how about a work schedule category. You could enter a work schedule like a class only it would be formatted more like work requirements.
And how about a way to incorporate campus calendars. For example, a way to enter spring break or holidays. 

I would really appreciate a "home" button in the drop down menus. It would make it much easier to navigate.

I was wondering if you guys could add Google Task Sync as well.

Would it be possible that you add a possibility to mute the phone, when a class Starts?

Have you considered a section dedicated to studying? Having a count down timer for it would be awesome.
I have a doubt about the display options in the Event Timetable both weekly and monthly. The screen shows a Monday to Sunday format, and I want it to be displayed on a Monday to Friday basis.

I was wounding if the vibrating mode while in class can be made available

Many Middle & High Schools are now using Block Scheduling, where a class schedule rotates.

I have a suggestion about the due dates when adding an assignment. Every time I add an assignment it would be easier to simply set the due date to next class

I wanted to suggest that you make it an option to display past-due items on the home screen widget. It would be really helpful to know if I've missed something instead of only being able to see what is due from today on

Would be nice to have more than one widget and be able to customize it to show exam coming and homework to do and tomorrow classes because now its only today view ot every event view in the future

is there any way for the app to automatically remove any completed events from the calendar? for example, once I mark a reading as completed on my class buddy app, I would like it to also disappear from my Google calendar.

Was wondering if you could implement in the month view a way to show that assignments or tasks were completed by doing a strike through on the assignments after checking it off that they were completed.

It would be very helpful if the assignment/event count could be set up to automatically clear/remove completed events. I would like to be able to still view past events but clear them from the count that shows the number of active events.

It would be great to be able to add holidays which automatically appear in the calendar as a free day or a free week.

Would it be possible to add a change background option on widget.  To a black, and maybe even transparency.  The app is awesome, but it does not go work with my desktop theme.

Could you make the widget a bit more easy to read?

1) Have a way to add school holidays so that class events don't happen on those days automatically.
2) During the Google sync use recurring events instead of inserting individual events for multi-events.

It would be a good idea to implement the application widget in such a way that one could create several different widgets each with different content. For example, one could have three widgets in the home screen. One of them would show the upcoming classes, another would show upcoming assignments, and the last one would show upcoming tests. This would provide users with a much more cleaner and effective way of accessing their information at a glance. With the current implementation, a widget with all that information would be very cluttered, and could only display partial information due to size limitations.

a widget for classes, homework, tests, etc. and a calendar. and different sizes or we can change the size of each on screen to show the info we want to see quickly and fit on the screen how we want.

Really needs a full calendar widget and we should be able to change the size of the widgets so we can see more or less of the info we want to see

Is there a way for grades to input grades over the course of the semester and the application will keep track of your grades which will calculate the current grade instead of just putting on the final grade?

Is there a way you guys can create a 4x4 widget?

is there anyway you can make an option to get rid of the number beside the daily list and on the calendar.  Also is there a way to make custom color screen. Where I could choose my own background, font, label, ect..., instead of choosing preset ones

Can you plz add an option to fetch and automatically schedule timetable from a pdf file like in istudies pro ?

Is it possible to get the Class Buddy on the Fire?

How about ability to choose which calendar for which item (ie, class, quiz, assignment, etc) instead of all items automatically going to the same calendar. Some, like class and labs might be appropriate scheduling on the calendar. Others, like assignments might be more appropiate on a "to do" list.

View of classes from the calendar view, there should be a calendar for tasks and other for classes.

It is possible to set, that I dont see the times from 22:00 to 08:00 in the event table?

I recently downloaded you apply and was wondering if their was any way to set assignments and work to "completed" and hide the completed work? I feel the completed assignments are going to get lost in the new assignments.

Can you make events in Class Buddy sync with Google calendar. And also have a desktop app that will also sync Class Buddy as well as set reminders for events 

is the ability to see a class timetable, or add the ability to add classes into the existing timetable within the app. Also an auto sinc between two different devices

would be nice if you add a holiday option that cancels all (multi) events in a defined time interval (=holidays) and also shows up in the calendar view as an marked area (greyed out or something).

The tasks should sync with Google Tasks!

The problem is I have intensive classes when I tried multiple events it started from the first day of the term and ended at the last day of the term. With extensive, there will only be classes in one week. So the duration and the time need to be able to set in flexible time that allow users to modify the duration.

I am having a problem with doing a batch remove of a type of event.  If I input a large amount of one type of event over the course of one semester, then there is no way to remove all of them without going through one by one.

For the grading function, I have a problem. Because my department has different weighting for the GPA for Year 1 with Year 2 & 3... eg. The ratio of Year 1 : 2 : 3 is 1 : 2 : 2.  It will be superp if there will be a option for the GPA weighting! :)

When doing calendar sync it sets each event for an hour long rather than simply a set time

It would be REALLY nice if there were a way to set more than one sync option.  For example, I like to use one gmail account for my Class times, and another one for my other event types, and yet another one for the random stuff.  It would be really nice if I could set different accounts for the different types!

I would love a larger widget so I can see more than one day into the future!

Why can't you add school events to the calendar not pertaining to any class specifically... That would would great having you class, project n school event schedules all in one

I would like to suggest the capability of having more than 10 options for labeling events in the app.  I want to add outside appointments to Class Buddy, but I already use all of the event labels for school related events.  Please expand this option, and allow users to set parameters for ALL of them (like showing beginning and end time for labs and other events)!!

The event type descriptions did not fit in any case so I changed them to German ones, no problem - works fine. Still I am unable to edit "Class" with the Id. 0. It sais " 'Class' event type cannot be modified!" when clicking it. Is there any way to make this last description customizable? 

I have only one thing abou grades. It's that at our school we have credit system. That means that we don't actually care about grades but about credits. You get credicts from passing the courses and it doesn't metter with which grade if you don't fail.

That's why I would appriciate possibility of amount of credict form passing courses. To follow if I have enough credict at the end of semester.

I was wondering if you could allow the user to define separate colors for events. Blue = quizzes, Yellow = homework or Red = exams.

Please improve the graphics and general aesthetics. Please take a look at iStudiez' aesthetics. 

Can you please make it so you can setup your class schedule on google calender(on the computer) and send it to your phone!

Since you guys already incorperate drop box, perhaps you could set up an auto save/upload to dropbox on exit, and a sync when you open. - of course, some people won't need this at all, but it could be an option for people like me who have this app on both their tablet and phone.

Wish the widget was more advanced, more adjustable  as far as size.

Is there a way to display an overall class schedule? It would be nice,especially when starting a new semester to be able to view your class schedule and locations as a whole.

I notice that many people have request their Task to be synched with Google Task. I would like to know how is that project coming along and if it's in the works. I would also like that feature to come to life please.

Tablet based format.
Ability to increase font size (default is too small and zoom is too big.)
Adjust widget size. Many Android widgets let you adjust the size to however big you want.

A mostly black or dark colored widget would be fantastic. 

Is there a way to have different courses going to different GPAs. I would like to keep track of my GPAs for my dual programs separately since that is what each program looks at rather than an overall GPA.

Can I delete a series of events instead of all or one at a time.

Just wanted to let you guys know, the college board criteria for gpa is 4.0 for A and A+, 3.7 for A-, 3.3 for B+, 3.0 for B and so on.  This is the scale used by most colleges.

Would you consider an option that allows a user to calculate their GPA by entering in the number of attempted class hours, number of earned class hours, and current GPA? In this way, users will not have to enter in the course grades from past semesters in order to have an accurate current GPA calculation. Since information on grades from classes taken years ago can be difficult to access, having a feature that can begin calculations without such specific information would be a great help to students who began using your application well into their college curriculum.

Es posible que en un futuro puedan incluirle un lector de documentos epub, actualmente adjunto varios a una asignatura, pero rango que leerlos en pdf y no es lo mismo. Lo que quiero decir es que tenga su propio lector, tengo instalado uno externo para leer epub, cool reader, adjunto el archivo epub para leerlo posteriormente.  Es una sugerencia.

t would be awesome if it has a alarm kind of option which reminds you at the end of every day that you have to put your attendance in it.

Will you please consider the incorporation of a journal?

Could you possibly have the widget have a clear background? That would make this app perfect.

Suggestions: Web application
Actually, I think you did the best while you designed this application but one things you missed (or maybe planned for future), and it is the web application which we can sync our data in it.
Suggestion for this app: Evernote Integration
That would be really great if we can use the power of Evernote in you application. Simply you can put your application in Android Share List and allow users to share (add) Evernote notes with their assignments or other materials. Or even add Evernote to attachment items list. Trust me this is really big step for your application.

1. Option to auto enable silence/vibrate mode while in class.
2. I have a course which takes place in two different rooms, one on monday and the other on wednesday, maybe next to the class time you can add a 'room' so it will be individual per day?

some think that a bigger widget, maybe 3x2, or 3x3 size (so more close to square look), would be very useful when we have quite many items with longer description that need to be reminded.

my suggestion is about a time frame for the whole semester of the classes that i have. there would be a calendar that will let me see what subject i will need to attend, and more info like assignments for this class. it's like agenda for today.

I have classes that have quizzes/test that are open for several days and it would be nice and helpful to be able to set this event to show when they are open and closed without creating multiple events. Another suggestion would be to have ability to email course information (events and dates) to other people that need to know one's schedule

I need to import my calendar from Google. Is this at all possible?

our week start day is on Saturday

Is there a way to mark a lesson as cancelled or late?

it would be very useful if on the home screen widget, you could see events that have not been marked completed regardless of date.

it'd also be useful feature to have a day the assignment is assigned and a day it is due. it's really difficult to keep track of events if you put them in on the day assigned and the widget only showing future events.

The only addition I would like to see is the ability to break projects into tasks. The assignment section for projects gets cluttered for me. 

is there so any chance on the next update the notes field could be available in the multi event creator as this would help greatly.

One feature I would really like to see is the option for the widget to show "all incomplete/unattended events" including past due events, possibly in red, rather than just future events.

I was wondering if there was a way to input information via my desktop computer.

Would it be possible for when creating assignments and projects to have a "date assigned" option and a "date due" option?

I think it would greatly improve the app if you added the ability to display your timetable

I would love to sync from Google calendar instead of to since my school uploads the schedule to Google. 

each course(s) should have a color indicator in the main menu, so would know how many assignment, quiz , test or task in a particular day in the calender by just looking at the color dot or tiny square.
Another suggestion would be to have a proportion calendar block size. I don't like the elongated rectangle. Instead, have them a bit short, like a square. There you would have space at the bottom of the calendar. Also, that empty space can act like a container where when I tap on a day, It would show only subject event with the dot color indicator for that day. And when I tap the event inside of that box, a pop up would show and gives the full detail.

I have a functionality suggestion: it would be really nice if the app could either sync different types of events to different calendars, or sync tasks to Google Calendar's tasks. Then, a widget for the tasks would be really appreciable.
The point is that I can't see all college appointments and out class appointments in one place (like calendar's web page). In a first moment, just the task sync functionality would be ok, as this way people could use other app to have a widget (i use Taskos).

I miss being able to set monday to first day of week, and seeing a calendar when choosing dates for events. Also, the order of terms over date chooser is confusing because of mismatch with day, month, year ordering of date chooser. 

One thing I found missing is to be able to set the first day of week manually. It always starts on Sunday and having it adjustable will allow the application to be used easier and more organized for customers purchasing this application in countries where the week doesn't start on Sunday.

I love this application; it does everything I need! I was just wondering to make a suggestion...would it be possible to somehow be able to sync the events to one's Google Calendar without the Clss:, etc., prefix?

How about making the home screen widget, the task list, or the "this week" list show items needing to be completed up to date? As I go through my list of things needing to be done from last week's classes, it would sure be helpful! 

There needs to be an option to add reminders a lot easier than going into each individual item, I have 52 items for one class and a total of 4 and this takes me almost an hour to do and I really don't think it should. I love the features of the .csv and Google Docs which took me a little bit to figure out but now that I have gotten it down it is really valuable.

In my school we have exams open for a few days at a time, is there a chance you could add the functionality to have certain events for a set amount of days or a time period that includes an end date as well as time?

I would love to see more Google sync integration. The calendar and task list sync could be more transparent

I would like an income option, student/register tab & a half term option.

It would be cool to have a "required textbook" section in course info page complete with barcode reader and isbn

Is there any way to delete the week number in the calendar view? I try to add a remark for Sundays and the week number is always in the way

would you consider doing, a teacher version? Would like a class register facility, being able to set a timetable and being able to link these things together, and being able to set lesson plans to a few groups without having to reenter all the info for 3 separate classes.

I want to request a bigger widget. Hope you can make it 4x4

It would be nive to have a tool to add more than 1 processor to a course, for ex, i have some courses that have various types of classes, i have theorical, lab classes and pratical classes

Is there a way when you are setting up your assignments that all of the items regarding reminders are on the page when listing out quizzes, exams, anything with a followup. Also same issue, can you set the reminders to be daily, every other day or when ever you want the child to followup for studying for the items listed.

Can you please nest the Google Calendar sync function within each individual class' settings? That way it would allow the user to sync different classes to different calendars, rather than all to the same calendar.

noticed that there are separate "events" for almost every activity. While this should still be available separately, how about integrating those "events" as add-ons to any class event? For many students, assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. will also be associated with a scheduled class time. By offering this as an add-on to a class event, the student only has to enter the time/date data once. Then simply click a checkbox for the add-on and enter a notes section for additional details. This also helps to avoid three to four separate calendar entries for one class on one day.
The only caveat would be that those add-ons would still need a way of standing out in the agenda view to avoid being mistaken for only a regular class meeting.

However it would help me if there was an option to add tasks to the widget. Would it be possible to add tasks to the widget if required?

It would be cool to send backups to email!

Is there a way that I can get class buddy to display my time table?

The only 2 request I a have are that you make it Honeycomb optimized and add the option to put in MULTIPLE Instructors. Every one of my classes have multiple Instructors. In some situations I have an Instructor for the lecture portion of the class and an instructor for the lab portion of class. In some classes that are only lecture, but have multiple instructers teaching the class.

I use an app called widget locker. And i would like to be able to place a shortcut to each of my classes on the lock screen. When adding items to the lock screen, you have the option to add "shortcuts" from the android list of shortcuts. For example, you can place a shortcut to open a gmail label inbox directly. I know that it is possible for third party Apps to have their shortcuts show up here

One feature this lacks is a book list. I input all my reading assignments and it's a chore to keep typing in the same book names over and over. 4.0Student handled this pretty well. Also, I think it would be easier to load professor information from the Contacts list.

Not all events that happen in a student's life are related to classes. What about appointments that are not class related Dr., club, work there is no way to accurately put them in, that I have found.

add a setting for the default view when the app is opened so that it goes straight to the course list instead of having to click on the term and then the class.

Is it possible to copy the courses?
Cause we have for the 1. and 2. semester the same subjects.

in future versions a general calendar not attached to classes would be nice for organization, college and departmental meetings

Method to input prior cumulative GPA and Credit hours, other than creating all prior term/course/grade data
Method to create user defined 'custom' Event type, perhaps a limit of 5!
Enable All event types with an optional 'Start Time', which could be left blank as needed
When using the Multi-Event Creator include the option to add 'Notes'
Provide an option to delete events of the same type
Add tax rate to be used with the expense list, with an option to make an individual item taxable or non-taxable
Under settings, provide a global 'default' reminder to be used for ALL events (Hr/Min format)
Additional notification times to choose for Day (1, 3, and 5) and Week (1, 2, etc...) this would be useful for long term events (projects, and user defined events)
bidirectional sync with Google Calendar

The only event that I can use is class because its the only one with a begin and end time. I'm a nursing student and have labs but my lab time are assigned and have end times. Is there any way you can add end times to labs, meetings, etc. Maybe even a clinical event with begin and end times.

I would like more event categories. It might be a good idea to have the option to add categories.

I would prefer my term list to go from 'present to future' dates, from top to bottom. How can I sort the term list without having to delete everything and re-enter it all again?

It would be awesome if you had an option so that when in the calendar view it automatically lists (in text) the course, time, and location on the day, and every other day that the course(s) takes place, so that I don't have to tap every day to find that information. I know that you can add a remark for the days so that it shows text reminders but that is only for individual days.

I was wondering if there was a way to add an alarm to multiple events at once. Specifically I want to set an alarm for all my classes but having to click on each event and setting a reminder individually would take forever.

I can't find how to change the weeks in the calendar to start from Sunday, isn't this option implemented in the demo/full version?

I would like to be also able to track my study time using this app. A simple time tracker with the ability to add note for each entry would be tremendously useful to me. I request you please add the feature.

Many colleges and universities use Google apps. Will you incorporate Google Tasks into Class Buddy? Thank you.

One feature that I instantly think that it missing is a excel-like table with my classes. That is my suggestion. You should put one for each period, so I can see how my weekly hours are!