Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

. Upgraded backup and restore module
. Upgrade export module
. Added admin tools (please use with caution)

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler
. Upgraded ColorPicker dialog
. Upgraded TimePicker dialog

. Upgraded Date and Time picker dialog
. Upgraded backup module (Max. no of backups, Latest database image copy)
. Upgraded Google integration module

. Fixed score display problem in event list screen. 
. Fixed File picker screen for attachment.

. Added multi-select in simple task/expense list
. Some design revision

. Added attachment section in Course overview screen
. Added multi-select feature for easier deletion and completion status change

. Fixed compatibility problem for tablet like device.
. Changed some list and setting screen designs
. Added event type filter option in Timetable and calendar screen

. Fixed force close bug in Non-class event screen
. Fixed force close bug in Google Calendar sync settings screen.
. Fixed force close bug in backup schedule setting screen
. Added a menu option for Shortcut button setting in main screen. 

. Fixed AVG Malware false-warning problem

. Fixed data restore problem in event endtime.
. Added course color bullet in Grade screen.

. Added entry calendar screen for each course
. Added dropdown menu for terms and courses in title bar
. Separated attachment and reminder list

. Revised icons in ICS style
. Fixed bugs in Google Drive import screen
. Fixed bug in event type.
. Fixed FC bug in Contact attachment
. Reduce the size of program package

. Fixed bug in multiple event reminder.

. Fixed Force Close bug in Backup schedule screen
. Fixed restore bug in Online backup in JellyBean

. Revised screen designs
. Bug fix for period shift in Entries of the week screen
. Bug fix for Time and Date dialog in JellyBean

. Added add & menu icons in task/expense screen headers
. Minor bug fix and garbage code cleanup
. Fixed bugs in online backup
. Rearrange the setting options for Online backup
. added add & menu icons in screen headers

. Fixed bug in Cumultive GPA calculation
. Fixed bug in previous grade screen.

. Added color label for course
. Added option to set start day of week
. Screen layout and design changes
. Bug fix for expense list
. Added event display in Event calendar screen

. Hot fix for ICS. fixed connection problem for Google Docs / Calendar

. Added some help documentations
. Change the main icon
. Improve the background colors
. Added reminder to Task list
. Fix the FC in Google calendar sync for ICS

. Added online backup feature
. Added Timetable screen (displays events in Google calendar's weekly view style)
. Added feature to send course info.
. Fixed program bugs

. Added feature to set reminder for multiple events
. Added option to show/hide week number in event calendar screen.
. Fixed program bugs
FC1:v1.40:BackupService.onStart(, NullPointerException
FC2:v1.40:GoogleCalendar.createCalEvent(, NullPointerException
FC3:v1.40:SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException: database disk image is malformed

. Added feature to set Start and end time for non-class events
. Added class meeting schedule in course list screen.
. Fixed bug in Contact attachment
. Fixed FC in "Term > Course > Event list" screen.
. Fixed FC in "Course editor" screen.
. Fixed FC in "Calendar sync" settings screen
. Fixed FC in Course list screen

. Fixed bugs in Multi-event creator
. Fixed FC in main and event edit screen.

. Added sort and share option in course list screen
. Added share option for Simple task and expense list.
. Fixed menu icon problem in android 3.0
. Fixed some screen design inconsistency.
. Fixes other minor bugs and screen descriptions

. Revised some screen designs in preference screens and button section in edit screens
. Added fast scrolling thumb in most of the list screens.
. Added more customization features in Expense module
. Added event type description change setting.
. Some fixes for minor bugs and screen descriptions


. Added completion,attendance status toggle button in event list.
. Added Google Docs export feature.
. Added more score record fields, perfect score and letter score.
. Added Main screen shortcut button ordering feature.
. Revised Google Spreadsheet import module for better error handling

. Added option to customize 2x2 widget
. Added more lines in Widget.
LaunchPro users can see a lot more events
. Added data import tools (Google Spreadsheet, CSV file)
. Added option to set date default for event creation.
. Disabled soft keyboard auto-popup when opening edit screen
. Added data transfer tool for Demo > Pro
. Added Expense management feature.
. Added a feature to attach Task list in event.
. Added more sort options
. Fixed the FC bug in Alarm setup screen.

. Fixed the incorrect endtime problem in Calendar sync.
. Fixed wrong date display in Events of the week screen.

. Fixed FC in Course edit screen
happens only in android 1.5 due to the drawable.

. Revised Date, day and time display format
. Redesigned course overview screen
. Redesigned Term, course, event editor screen
. Added feature to put date remark in Calendar cells
. Revised passcode check logic
. Revised score and weight% value check logic
. Added a feature to enter score for class attendance

. added Special admin tools section in Settings
. added time adjustment tool
. added widget display options
. fixed FC in repair sync in Google Calendar admin tool section.
. added 6 more standard color themes
. added option to change the title of Main screen
. revised the admin tools program logic in Google calendar sync

. Fixed sync problem for event change
. Fixed FC in Grading scale screen in android 1.5
. Fixed typo in Calendar sync setting screen

. fixed FC in Reminder/Attachment screen.
. changed layout for event list item and course overview.
. added Date/time format setting
. added feature to customize grading scale
. added new event type, Exercise
. added simple task list.
. fixed sync problem
. added more Widget control option (Hide completed, Display event location)