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4. Why Class Buddy doesn't create the class meetings automatically

Q. I entered class schedule info. in course info.  
Why Class Buddy doesn't create the class meetings automatically.

Class Buddy has a event scheduler called "Multi-event creator" in "Term > Course > Event list" screen.
If you use the menu option, you can create all your events (class meeting, assignments, quizzes...) in a few clicks.

All you need to do is to confirm the default value from your class schedule in the class info and press the "Create" button in the last step.

Q. Then, why Class Buddy runs Multi-event creator automatically ?

A.It's possible to make this event creation step fully automated.
However, if we do so, our users loose the flexibility of entering some details.
These are some situations which full automation can go wrong.

For example,
1. classes meeting every other weeks
2. class meeting only first half of fall semester.
3. class meeting with different lecture room in different days. (Mon. class meets in room A and Wed. class in room B)

If we fully automate the process, a lot of users will have to go back to the list screen and remove the unnecessary events manually.