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4. My course takes place in different location in different days of the week.

I have courses on different days of the week at a different time. For example, I have one class that takes place on Tuesday and Thursday at Building A, but on Friday the same class takes place at a totally different building. 

Then you can run the "Multi-event creator" separately for each location. 

For example, if you have Monday classes in Location A, and Wednesday classes in Location B. You will have to run "Multi-event creator" twice. 

In first run, you can create all Monday classes with Location A, and in the Second run, Wednesday classes with Location B.

We have done a lot of research how to make this easier, but haven't find the clear solution yet. If we fully automate this based on the schedule information in course information, users loose the flexibility of changing the default values when creating the class meetings. 

We are constantly looking for better way to do this. If you have good idea, please let us know.