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0. How to test scheduling multiple events with "Multi-event creator"

1) Go to the main screen of Class Buddy > MENU > "New term". 

2) Create a semester with title "test" and period 1/1/2013 ~ 1/31/2013.
Then you will see new test semester appears in main screen.

3) Now press the new semester and go to the "Term > Course" screen.

4) Press MENU > "New course" and Create a test course. 
For test purpose, you don't have to input any detail such as schedule info, instructor, note, etc... 
Just enter course name, "test" and save it.

5) Now, select the new test course and go to "Term > Course > Events" screen. 
At this moment, you see there's no events created for the test course. 

6) Go to MENU and select "Multi-event creator"


7) You are in [Step 1] Select "assignment"

8) In [Step 2] you will see the start date of term, 1/1 is defaulted. 
This is good. Press "Next >>" button. 

9) Now, you see 1/31, the end date of the semester period. 
We want that too. Just press "Next >>" button. 

10) You are at [Step 3]. Here you want to select your assignment days. 
If you don't select any days, Creator cannot schedule any assignments. 
We want the due day of assignments are always Wednesday
Check Wednesday and press "Next >>" button. 

11) In [Step 4], we will enter the due time of the assignment.
Let's enter 4:00 PM then press "Next >>" button. 

12) In [Step 5], we enter assignment location and default completion. 
Enter Room101 and check uncompleted. 
Let's go to next 

13) This screen is very IMPORTANT!!!!!
You should be able to see all the values you have entered for the assignment schedule.

Please make sure you have followings
1. Event type: Assignment
2. Period: 1/1 ~ 1/31
3. Days: Wednesday
4: Time: 4:00p

You also can see four assignments are scheduled.
Those assignments will be created in 1/2, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23 and 1/30

Now, press "Create" button. 

14) In a second, you will see 4 assignments are created in Term > Course > Event list screen.

15) Go to the Class Budd main screen and Press Calendar button.
Now, you should be able to see the events count appears for the new assignments.