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0. How to setup term, course, and event data for new semester

Many times, we receive a question why I cannot see the scheduled events in Calendar.

In most cases this type of problem is occurred because course events are not yet created. The schedule information in course is reference information and used as default value for "Multi-event creator". Unlike the other simple time table apps, Class Buddy's course events (class meetings, assignment, quizzes..) are individual database record. This data structure allows users manage the note and attendance/completion status of each course work independently. 

The standard data setup process goes as follows
1) Create term 
2) Create course 
3) Create events (class meetings, assignment, quiz...) using "Multi-event creator" MENU option in Term > Course > Event list screen
(If you don't create events, you will not see anything in the "Event calendar" or "Events of the week" screen. Please make sure to complete the event creation step)

Following is step-by-step process how to setup and test the term, course and events data for semester.

1) Go to the main screen of Class Buddy and Create a dummy term with period 1/1 ~ 1/31

2) Now go to the "Term > Course list" screen and Create a dummy course. 
For test purpose, you don't have to input any schedule info, instructor, note. 
Just enter course name and save it.

3) Now, go to "Term > Course > Event list" screen. 
At this moment, you don't see any events created for the dummy term and dummy course. 

4) Go to MENU and select "Multi-event creator"

5) You are in Step 1. Select "assignment"

6) In Step 2, you will see the start date of term, 1/1 is defaulted. 
This is good. Press "Next >>" button. 

7) Now, you see 1/31, the end date of the term period. 
We want that too. Just press "Next >>" button. 

8) You are at Step 3. Here you want to select your assignment days. 
If you don't select any days, Creator cannot create assignments. 
Let's use Wednesday for this test. Check Wednesday and press "Next >>" button. 

9) In Step 4, we will enter the due time of the assignment. 
Let's enter 4:00 PM then press "Next >>" button. 

10) In Step 5, we enter assignment location and default completion. 
Enter "Room 101" and check uncompleted. 
Let's go to next 

11) This screen is very IMPORTANT!!!!!
Here Multi-event creator summarize the entered values and shows the events will be created

Please make sure you have followings
1. Event type: Assignment
2. Period: 1/1 ~ 1/31
3. Days: Wednesday
4: Time: 4:00

You also can see four assignments will be generated
Those assignments will be created in 1/5, 1/12, 1/19 and 1/26

Now, press "Create" button. 

12) In a second, you will see 4 assignments are created in Term > Course > Event list screen. It's also possible to create assignment individually using "New event" option in MENU. 

13) Now, go to "Event calendar" screen and check if you can see the created assignment. 
There, you should be able to see the event count in 1/5, 1/12, 1/19 and 1/26

14) Now, go to "Events of the week" screen and check if you can see the created assignment.