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1. Import from Google Drive

Sample data: 

1. Data entry rules
2. Importing entire semester, course and events
3. Adding courses to existing semester
4. Adding events to existing semester
5. Updating existing events
6. Updating existing courses
7. Careful! No empty row
8. Careful! Date & Time format


Step 1) New spreadsheet

Go to "" and click on "Create new"

Step 2) Header

Create header line in the first row with the titles of each column. Available column titles are as follows.

termTitle (required column)
termStartdate (should be YYYY_MM_DD format)
termEnddate (should be YYYY_MM_DD format)

courseTermTitle (required column)
courseTitle (required column)

eventTermTitle (required column)
eventCourseTitle (required column)
eventType (required column)
eventDate (required column, should be YYYY_MM_DD format)
eventStarttime (required column, should be HH_MM format)
eventEndtime (should be HH_MM format)

These columns will be processed in three groups by the import program.

The ones with "term" prefix will be used for term or semester, and the column with "course" and "event" prefix will be treated as course and event data.

Please make sure to use only the titles listed above. If the column is not properly titled, all the values in the column will be ignored. 

Step 3) Rows

Enter your term, course and event information from the second row.

When entering the data, please make sure your data meet following format requirements.

1. Date format
All the date values should be in "YYYY_MM_DD" format. 
(i.e. 2011_12_31, 2012_02_08, ...)

2. Time format 
All the time values should be in 24 hour "HH_MM" format. 
(i.e. 23_59, 09_00, 15_00, ...)

3. Match term titles 
The value in "courseTermTitle" and "eventTermTitle" column should match to the term title in "termTitle" column. Otherwise, Class Buddy cannot associate the course and event to the right term

4. Match course title
The value in "eventCourseTitle" column should match to the course title in "courseTitle" column. Like the term title, this is also critical to link the events to the right course

5. Match event type
From v1.36, users are allowed to rename the event types in "Event type description" Setting. The value in "eventType" column should match to the type name defined in the Setting.

For the previous versions, please use one of the following pre-defined value.
"class, assignment, project, quiz, exam, meeting, lab, report, reading, exercise"

6. Include the required fields
Make sure you include the required columns. If the required info is not provided, Class Buddy cannot know how to associate the provided info to existing term and course hierarchy

Step 4) Save

Save the spreadsheet with "save" button. 

Before leaving the screen, please make sure which worksheet the data are saved in. The name of worksheet can be found at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Now, your job is done in Google Docs. Go to Class Buddy and start the import.

Step 5) Import

Go to Google Spreadsheets import screen and press the "Sign in" button. 

Step 6) Sign in

Enter Google account email and Password and press "Sign in" button.

Then you will see the list of Spreadsheets in your account.

Step 7) Spreadsheets

Press the spreadsheet you just created. 

Now you can see the list of worksheets in the Spreadsheet. 

Step 8) Worksheets

Press the worksheet you entered your course data.

Then you will see the list of your terms, courses, and events. 

Step 9) Import

Please make sure you don't see any errors in your spreadsheet. If there's error, please fix and restart the import. Until all the errors are fixed, "Import" button will not be enabled.