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4. How to add personal event

I would like to know, however, if there is a way to add an event that is not related to a particular course? For example, an event for student orientation. I would love to use this app also as a regular planner.

Since all the data in Class Buddy are in Term > Course > Event hierarchy, you cannot create the events outside of this data structure. However, there's a simple way to handle the personal events along with other course events. 

For this, you will have to 
(1) dedicate one event type for this type of non-curriculum activities
(2) prepare a dummy course in which you will enter all the personal events.

(1) Event type
Go to Class Buddy main screen > MENU > Settings > Event types
There you will see the list of available event types.
Find one which you will not use and rename it to "Personal" and set "Start&End time" for timer display option.

(2) Dummy course
Go back to the Class Buddy main screen and go to the current term.
Create a dummy course "Non-course activity"
When entering data for dummy course, make sure to un-check "Include in GPA calculation" option. 
In this way, you can hide this course from GPA calculation screen.

(3) Create your personal activity
Now, you create all your personal events such as orientation, tuition due, withdraw due, library book return dates with "Personal " event type.